American Beauty

September 10, 2013 § 1 Comment

American Beauty has always given me the chills. It couldn’t have been composed in a better form. It was just perfect. I watch this movie any time I’m feeling down because it has the ability to help me escape my current reality and to gain insight on the true meaning of life. The movie has so many thick complex layers that go deep down describing each individual character’s search for beauty in the world. Beauty is everywhere. Not many can perceive it, nor put forth effort into it because they are so wired in on the daily flow of life. It seems as if everyone is living on autopilot. It’s quite sad. Instead of loathing on our pitfalls, why not appreciate the beauty our temporary life has to offer? I engage in a lot of deep thinking – maybe a little too much, but at least a positive discovery came out of it. We just have so many great expectations out of life that if the things we want are slightly altered, we get frustrated and the mere act of exhibiting frustration is attracting negative energy from the universe to you. It’s like adding fuel to the fire. You’re life will never get better living that way. Ever. As simple as it sounds, you truly do create your own reality. Every event that has ever happened is neutral – it is up to you to react to it in a certain way. Beauty can come in all forms – just anything. Appreciate the small things. Focus on the good and disregard the pitfalls because they are inevitable.

Below is a snippet from the soundtrack of American Beauty. It was played during the kissing scene between Lester and Angela. The music itself seemed to be relevant to my topic. Enjoy.


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