Never Lower Your Standards

May 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

I was browsing through my Twitter account and a fascinating quote from @iDefineTruth captured my attention. I am a very loyal follower – all of his tweets get me through my day. But this quote specifically spoke to me.

“Never lower your standards to meet someone’s expectations.”

There have been many instances where I fell below my potential only to satisfy a temporary human appearing in my life. I only say “temporary” because most of my friendships hardly ever last. It is all I have ever known without my intention. I honestly do not have a high concern when an average friend comes and goes. After moving 7+ times throughout my childhood, I am a master at letting people go without any hard feelings. It’s like I went through an early stage of emotional boot camp forcing me to say permanent goodbyes. Moving was not so bad from my perspective – it was considered “normal”.

I really don’t have a solid foundation to write about this quote. The quote means what it says. It just reminds me to not dumb myself down for people in my life. Again.

Not a single person is worth taking away what your potential could be.


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